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Hybrid Event Guide

Learn from one of the first and most successful hybrid events of 2021.

Key Stats from the Event

  • 32 User Contributions per Attendee
  • 700,00 Sponsor Banner Impressions 
  • 1,578 Completed Challenges 
  • Exceeded 2021 Revenue Goals 


Power Your Next Hybrid Event With Socio 

💥 Full branding and customization 
💬 Hybrid networking 
🎥 Robust video streaming capabilities
🌟 Options to showcase sponsors 
🏅World-class support
🚀 And so much more!


Promote health and safety at your hybrid event 

As in-person events ramp up, reducing risk and promoting safety is top of mind for event organizers.  Discover ways to promote health and safety, so you and your attendees have total peace of mind every step of the way.

Video Camera

Seamlessly execute hybrid AV production

Level up your hybrid event with AV setup and production that engages your in-person and virtual audiences, creating a uniform experience for both attendee groups. 



Prepare your hybrid speakers for success 

Find out ways your presenters can actively interact with both audiences, keeping in-person and virtual attendees engaged, connected, and having tons of fun.


Identify the right event tech to power your hybrid event

Learn the features you need to engage and connect hybrid audiences, promote networking between sponsors and attendees, and power data driven insights for your event’s sponsors. 

2021 Hybrid Event Guide