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How to Reimagine Successful In-Person Events

Discover how the American Med Spa Association paved the way for a new era of in-person events that prioritizes safety, engagement, and immersive brand experiences.

Key Stats from the Event

  • 7,956 attendee profile views
  • 6,975 connections made
  • 3,289 completed challenges
  • 79% returning exhibitors for AmSpa's 2022 conference


Bring Your In-Person Event to Life with Socio

πŸ’₯ Full branding and customization 
🌟 Visual experience with Live Display
πŸŽ‰ Endless ways to engage attendees
πŸ† Options to showcase sponsors 
πŸ…World-class support
πŸš€ And so much more!


Prioritize health and safety, connection, and engagement at your in-person event 

AmSpa's 2021 event is proof that you can keep attendees safe and engaged at in-person events. From developing a COVID-19 communications plan to boosting networking through the Socio Platform, AmSpa kept attendees safe and having tons of fun. 

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Turn your in-person event into an immersive brand experience

Who says event check-in has to be boring? AmSpa leveraged Socio's Live Display to amplify their brand and create a selfie-worthy experience as attendees entered the event space.

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Partner with event tech experts to power your in-person event

Successful in-person events call for a reliable event management platform. Enter: Socio's Branded Event App, powering endless networking opportunities, a streamlined attendee experience, and so much more!

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Facilitate pre and post-event attendee experiences  

Event engagement doesn't have to wait until your event starts, and it shouldn't end when your event wraps up. AmSpa boosted networking and revenue with pre and post-event attendee experiences. 

Discover How to Launch Successful In-Person Events in 2021 (and Beyond)